More Than Just Great Fish & Chips... It's a British Experience.
               Set in a Traditional Traditional Seaside Restaurant / Pub, it's Like Going to Britain Without the Airfare

Closed Down 
Due to Fire

This Iconic Restaurant has burnt to the ground
 along with 6 other 
Businesses at the Heritage Mall in Parkville
After seeing our extensive Menu, everything you say will be taken down and can be served against you!
     Family Owned      
& Operated.
Mary, John, 
Michael & Lina

"We have tried just about every place on Vancouver island for fish and chips.This one is not to be missed. I would rank this one the best on the Island.

We had halibut and chips, it comes with a light batter on the very fresh fish. The chips were made crisp and tasted like potatoes not the grease. The coleslaw was home made and not soupy. I think the tarter was made here also.

​It's incredible, over the top themes all over the place and yet it is an absolute treasure. Parksville should feel blessed to have such a wonderful place and the incredible staff who work here! Any place with a leg lamp is worth visiting.    M. Hatton
Mary & John St. John
Had a wonderful lunch with two very dear friends at this very "British ' style restaurant! The food was absolutely delicious, and the friendly service we received was most delightful! For a real taste of "Jolly Olde England" I highly recommend this unique restaurant. Will be back for sure! 

This place is a total collection of English life. Walls covered with photos, Royal and Titanic info, photos of famous Brits, beer, tea, coffee mugs. 1960's music plays in the background and the food is high quality. 

The British Bobby has recently been taken over by folks who know what fish and chips should really taste like, and if you love mushy peas... well they have those too. You will be overwhelmed by the British memorabilia which gives you plenty to look at. We will definitely be going again, and again... and maybe again after that. :) 
​                   The British Bobby Guarantee

“I think it's true what they say about mass consciousness, as on certain days it's as if lots of people get tuned into the same vibration.  Sometimes people all flock in at the same time. I think “did a bus just pull in?” We become as 'fast food' restaurant then... 0 to 60 in ten minutes, and of course most of them want their food at the same time. This then put's a strain of everyone, customers and staff included.
 But then with a little patience and understanding things usually sort themselves out. Here at The British Bobby we really do care, and we love to give you the best in food and service. But we are only human and sometimes things get out of our control, (equipment brakes down, they send us the wrong order or a member of staff can't make it in.) So if everything is not to your satisfaction, please tell us immediately, so that we can fix it there and then.” 
          If You're Not Happy – We're Not Happy

                                         Best Regards 
                                                 John, Mary & The Staff  
“British Bobby , has it all! Best fish n chips and the decor is outstanding”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 19 October 2015 
There are few places that can top the friendly service , charming owners,hand made food, and the decor for British style decor is the amazing. I would go there just to 'immerse', in the environment. But having said that, seriously, the fries are sumptuous. The flavors of the curry and other British foods are top shelf. Their food is always consistent. The new renos and expansion , make it feel like a mini holiday . This experience, Is a Wow.

     Vancouver Islands 'Top Rated' Fish & Chip Restaurant  
           Full Menu, Pies, Pasties, Burgers & More... Children's Menu. Fully Licensed - British Beers
Our Satisfaction Guarantee - You Are More Than Customers... You Are Friends, Any Problems Let Us Know Immediately And We Will Put It Right . 
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With 88.5 The Beach Radio - April 23rd. St. George's Day
                 People Before Profit. 
    The sign on our kitchen wall say's it all,
"Treat every meal as if it was
 for Someone You Love!"
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Charlie S Brown recommends The British Bobby: "Authentic Fish and Chips, funky décor of all things British and absolutely wonderful owners. We drive up from Victoria because nothing beats it! 
P.S. don’t forget your mushy peas😉"

​Jan 2019

 Amanda Wild recommends The British Bobby: "The best fish and chips                  I’ve ever had and I live in UK 👍"
                                                                           August  8 2020


      Taken by a witness who saw the Fire Start