First created after the First World War as a way to boost moral, these Comic Post Cards became a great sucess. Thick with double-entendres, busty bathing belles, naughty vicars and henpecked husbands, the images may have been a hit with British holidaymakers who bought up to 16million of them every year.

The Conservative government of the 50's took a different view and felt they were a source of moral corruption.These saucy postcards were considered so risqué they were confiscated by police on the grounds of obscenity. 

The Tory campaign lasted for about a decade but fizzled out in the early 1960s when public attitudes to sex became more liberal and open. Nick Hiley, curator of the British Cartoon Archive, said: ‘What is interesting is that at the time the authorities thought they were a door opening into hell and a slippery slope to degradation.   ‘But when you look at the postcards  today, they look so innocent and people get nostalgic about them. They have quickly been redefined as art and something to celebrate and preserve.

‘Not only are many of the cards still amusing, but they represent a landmark in social and legal history.’

A Bobby was driving along Oxford St. when he saw an Old Lady knitting while she was driving... He put on his light and drove up along side her, opening his window he shouted "Pull Over"  "No" She shouted back... "It's a Cardigan"
On a rural road a state Bobby pulled this farmer over and said: "Sir, do you realize your wife fell off the back of your tractor several miles back?" 
To which the farmer replied: "Thank God for that Officer, I thought I had gone deaf!"